The proposal is to show how big this world is and everything it has to offer us.

We want you to discover stories, people and places.

That every time you wear a Carnan piece, you wear something absolutely incredible that happened somewhere, and not just scribbled in a studio.

May they discover new travelers who join this caravan with Carnan, to discover, exchange and connect with every part of the planet


Our goal is to show how great this world is and all it has to offer.
We want you to get to know all our stories, characters and locations. We also wish that, whenever you try one of our shorts, you also carry with you something absolutely incredible, a story from a distant land, something with a soul, not just something out of a sketchboard…

We wish you discover a new traveler within you, that you join this convoy with the Carnan team, and learn, exchange and connect yourself with each and every part of the planet.